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Electrical Construction Plans

White Papers

  • Resources Related to Lighting, LED, Safety, IP, Light Distribution

  • Resources of Product Design

Lighting Basics

This article introduces basics about lighting: what is light; units of light and how to measure light.

LED Basics

This page contains links to fact sheets describing solid-state lighting, its characteristics, applications, and issues relating to its successful introduction into the marketplace.

Safety Classes

The light fixture shall be insulated to electrical shock and fire. This article outlines the related elementary testing standards.

IP Ratings

This document describes the classes of protection, and the standards and certification.

Light Distribution

There are many different distribution patterns available with different lighting fixtures. Each distribution pattern provides a different lighting footprint on the ground to provide a light pattern for specific area light needs.

IES File Decoding

This document describes the basics of IES file, and how to decode/read data in an IES file.

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