Quality Control

Pozeen employs a comprehensive Quality Management System. New products are based on extensive market research and on-going dialog with end users and lighting design experts. Quality assessments and verifications are made at each milestone in the product development process.

Design Philosophy

Pozeen has separate Technology Research and Product Development efforts. New product concepts are based on researched technology options and guided by the following principles:

* streamlined designs and efficient use of circuit components,

* use of proven circuits and circuit components,

* design FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) to assess and mitigate risks, and

* designs which adhere to and exceed appropriate industry and regulatory standards.

In addition to Design FMEA, which is concerned with all components of a design and their interactions, Pozeen also conducts Process FMEA that deals with possible manufacturing failures, their causes and effects.


Verification and Validation

Pozeen products undergo rigorous verification and validation by its Engineering and Quality departments, and certified external laboratories. This testing ensures that the products will work reliably even under the most stringent environments. Tests are based on well established Mil-Standards, IEC standards, and UL/CE requirements and include:

* functional: products tested over temperature and voltage variations,

* electrical: ESD, different voltage and current fault conditions, and electro-magnetic interference tests,

* temperature: long term exposure to high and low temperature environment and cycling between these temperature extremes,

* mechanical: vibration, shock, drop and transportation ,

* operating life: long term operation in high and low temperature ambient and power cycling, and

* enclosure: seal integrity, corrosion resistance and environmental protection.

Production and Test Capability

To ensure that products are appropriately designed for manufacturing, production planning and test capability analysis are also included in the product development process. They are conducted concurrent to the design and incorporate:

* product manufacturability reviews,

* manufacturing Process Flow and verification through Process FMEA and Capability Studies,

* inspection and test equipment and verification through Measurement System Analysis,

* Control Plan for Statistical Process Control, and

* closed loop Continuous Improvement.




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