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    This page contains links to fact sheets describing solid-state lighting, its characteristics, applications, and issues relating to its successful introduction into the marketplace.


    Using LEDs to Their Best Advantage PDF
    Exploration of the unique attributes of LEDs, which may make them the right choice for some applications (4 pages, January 2012)

    Establishing LED Equivalency PDF
    Provides guidance for comparing products based on LED or other light source technologies (2 pages, October 2011)

    LED Frequently Asked Questions PDF
    What retailers, energy efficiency advocates, and consumers need to know to make informed buying decisions (2 pages, May 2011)


    LED Directional Lamps PDF
    Provides an overview of the current performance of LED PAR-, BR-, R-, and AR-shaped lamps, which were all investigated by CALiPER in 2012. (2 pages, November 2012)

    LED MR16 Lamps PDF
    Describes the performance of LED MR16 lamps and discusses electronic compatibility concerns. (4 pages, July 2012)

    Recessed LED Downlights PDF
    Briefly discusses different LED product types and their performance relative to downlights utilizing traditional lamps. (2 pages, May 2012)

    General Service LED Lamps PDF
    Compares general service incandescent lamps—i.e., light bulbs—to LED and CFL alternatives (4 pages, April 2012)

    LED Replacements for Four-Foot Linear Fluorescent Lamps PDF
    Comparison of LED linear replacement lamps to fluorescent lamps in terms of light output, distri­bution, color quality, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. (4 pages, May 2011)


    SSL Standards and Guidelines PDF
    Review of the key performance and safety standards applicable to SSL-based lighting products (2 pages, April 2012)

    Understanding LM-79 Reports PDF
    Discusses typical content of laboratory reports summarizing LM-79 test results for integrated SSL lamps and luminaires (4 pages, March 2012)

    LED Color Characteristics PDF
    Reviews the basics of light and color, and discusses a variety of metrics applicable to LEDs for general illumination (4 pages, January 2012)

    Light at Night and Human Health PDF
    Discussion of potential health implications of light at night (LAN) exposure and how it may affect lighting practice and design (2 pages, January 2010)

    LED Luminaire Efficacy PDF
    Overview of luminaire efficacy and the technical reasons for its applicability to LED-based lighting fixtures (2 pages, September 2009)

    Lifetime of White LEDs PDF
    Overview of lumen depreciation, measurement of LED useful life, and features to look for in evaluating LED products (2 pages, September 2009)

    Dimming LEDs PDF
    Overview of dimming technology and the prospects for dimming LEDs in residential applications (2 pages, February 2008)

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