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  • Premium quality retail store lighting is essential. It sets the stage for an attractive and pleasant shopping experience. It’s a tool used to attract shoppers to window and interior displays. Properly displayed LED lighting can capture attention and bring consumers to your merchandise. Now you can show off your merchandise like never before with Pozeen LED lighting system. The crisp white sparking light makes everything look irresistibly beautiful, season after season. The intelligent color changing light makes the whole store environment brilliant. Clothes take on a new vibrancy, furniture and accessories shine and jewelry is displayed at its most dazzling.
  • Following you will learn how our exceptional technologies will enhance your merchandise, and what benefits you can get from the simple 1:1 simple replacement or new installation.

    •  True color

    Thanks for our revolutionary true color technology. The improved rendering of red colors and more accurate color reproduction make your store irresistible and keep it that way.

    The color rending index has achieved a new standard, 90+. Not only does it bring out the best in the colors and textiles on display, it also meets customers' expectations when they return home with their purchases.

    •  More light

    Most of our LED lamps exceed conventional light sources (e.g., halogen, fluorescent) with 30% more lumen output, while the energy cost keeps the same.

    •  Longer life

    As we already know, LED lamps have typically 35,000 to 50,000 hours life time, compared to 2,000 to 10,000 hours life time of conventional light source

    •  Less pay

    By using LED lamps, it can save you up to 80% less energy by compared to halogen lamps. Don't forget as well that LED lighting does not generate heat keeping your air conditioning costs down by 4-5% and will not fade or otherwise harm your merchandise and displays.

    In retail store lighting, you will find different kinds of lighting used including:

    Shop Front LED Display Lighting

    Designed to offer an aesthetic appearance for shop material using the innovative Light Guide technology to illuminate the window or wall presentation units, the shop front range has been used in estate agents and high street retail stores to advertise and show-case promotional material.

    Available in a variety of sizes, and made to suit your company colors, the panels are easy to install, cheap to run and incorporate magnetic panel fronts for easy display material change.

    Accent Lighting

    Accent lighting reinforces design aesthetics and creates a dramatic emphasis on merchandise with a focused light source. LED accent lighting is used to highlight shape, texture, finish and color of merchandise so customers are drawn to it. It is important to make illumination precise and of higher intensity than the surrounding ambient light. The IESNA recommends a 3:1 ratio of accent lighting to ambient light to make merchandise stand out.

    Display Lighting

    LED Display lighting allows you to draw out the best traits of the merchandise and is supplementary to the general diffuse lighting. You help influence the customer's impression by highlighting the product's best attributes such as form and texture. If this light is directed too obliquely, it can result in objectionable shadows.

    Perimeter Lighting

    The goal of perimeter lighting is to draw customers from the main aisles into merchandising pace.

    It creates a pleasant environment and adds to the visibility and visual impact of the displays on the walls. Perimeter lighting also draws attention to the merchandise and reinforces design aesthetics.

    Because vertical brightness influences the customer's impression of the store, it is important that vertical surfaces are lit for visual comfort, pleasantness, spaciousness and visual and directional cues. Perimeter lighting helps define merchandising spaces, provides vertical lighting for wall displays and makes the retail space feel larger.

    Window Lighting

    The retail window draws in potential customers. Attract customers with drama, engaging the passerby emotionally with intense white or colored light using uniform saturated illumination. It should be a powerful attraction, providing a link between the passerby and the merchandise within the store. Some factors to consider when designing show window lighting are: merchandise strategy, merchandise type and characteristics, location of the show window, night and day use, associated ambient luminance, open back or enclosed configuration, size and shape, contour and slant of the glazing, brightness from daytime and nighttime reflections, interior surface reflectance and colors, flexibility requirements, and size and location of graphics.

    Case and Counter Lighting

    Showcase lighting requires three to five times the illuminance of circulation area lighting. Different lamps can be used to achieve different accenting effects. Fluorescent lamps provide a continuous line of light, whereas incandescent, miniature halogen lamps or LED fixtures are better used to achieve closer color rendition and sparkle in applications like a jewelry case or to display glassware.

    Track and Rail Lighting

    Track lighting has long been the standard for task, accent and wall wash lighting in retail stores. Traditional incandescent lamps are inexpensive but energy wasted. Compact fluorescent is short life and not environment friendly. LED lamps are the latest trend which are long life, energy saving and environment friendly. Pozeen track and rail systems offer an unparalleled opportunity for great lighting.

    Recessed Lighting

    Recessed lighting is vital not only for general illumination, but is also important for your task specific areas, such as register areas, color matching areas and in coves. This type of illumination can also create drama while it “cleans up” the look of your ceiling for a more finished look.

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