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  • A home is a unique challenge to properly light; it is the ultimate multi-use environment. Lighting a residence requires thoughtful and careful planning and design. Proper lighting makes a difference in how one feels about their home. It adds drama and beauty to rooms, makes smaller rooms look more open and airy, larger rooms feel cozy and inviting. Proper lighting lets home owners enjoy their home to its full potential. Pozeen carries an unsurpassed selection of LED downlights, LED A19 bulbs, and LED spot lamps for general illumination, as well as LED strip light for ambient lighting and LED under cabinet light for kitchen application, to give you a complete palette from which to create your signature design.
  • Goals of Residential Lighting

    • Create a warm and inviting environment while making it functional and safe.

    • Integrate and balance ambient, task and accent lighting into every room to allow for a variety of settings and moods.

    • Establish a path of illumination through the house to allow comfortable transition and movement from room to room.

    • Enhance and strengthen the character of the living space by highlighting areas of interest and architectural details.

    • Design a flexible lighting scheme to take you from dawn to dusk; a system that gives the most bang for the buck and is easy to maintain.

    • Address energy efficiency and code issues.


    Outside, the entrance to the home should be well lit to welcome guests and identify visitors. Pozeen's LED A19 bulbs are excellent choice for front door lighting. Inside, the ambient lighting should provide an inviting atmosphere and ensure safe passage into other areas of the home. Pozeen's recessed LED downlight are perfect for providing a soft, warm ambient light to welcome visitors into your home.

    Stairways and Hallways

    Stairways and hallways are two areas of the home that need to be especially well lit for safety. In the hallway, fixtures should be placed every 8-10 feet. An effective technique for lighting these areas is wall washing; it defines form and space while highlighting texture, visually increasing the size of a room and making the space seem lighter and more open. The lighting on the wall may have a varied, scalloped look or an even “wash” of light, depending on the spacing of the fixtures. Pozeen's LED spot lamps are ideal replacement lamp in recessed and track fixtures for wall washing a stair or hallway lined with artwork or family photos.

    Utility Rooms

    Well diffused ambient lighting, such as recessed lighting, is usually sufficient for the utility room. However, if there are specific task areas, such as sorting and mending, consider a line of track lighting with pendant fixtures for a higher level of illumination over this area and to add a splash of color and elegance to the space.


    Kitchens have become the ultimate multi-use room, the heart of the home. They need plenty ambient and task lighting to be efficient and functional.

    Pozeen's LED recessed downlight provide a layer of ambient light that can be supplemented with task lighting. The inconspicuous LED under cabinet light provides ideal task lighting for work surfaces and counter tops, excellent efficiency and color rendering, and reduces shadows and overhead glare. The same under cabinet fixtures can be mounted above the cabinets to reflect light off the ceiling, contributing to the overall ambient light level and adding visual interest to the room. Breakfast nooks and kitchen islands can be lit with one of Pozeen's mono-point pendants set on a dimmer and accented with Rock Cottage Glass shades to allow adequate task lighting for homework or hobbies and allow lower, cozier light level for meals.

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