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  • Parking Garage
  • Many factors will affect the visual environment within a parking garage. The unique challenges and considerations presented in parking garage lighting include safety and security, energy cost, lighting of compact spaces with low ceilings, protection from theft and vandalism, ease of maintenance – and all of this often with 27/7/365 operation. Regardless of the technology preference of facility managers, Pozeen can provide solutions achieving balance between these factors to create a comfortable environment to attract customers and make them feel safe and secure.
  • Safety, security and fixture aesthetics

    Pozeen provides innovative lighting solutions to improve parking facilities' safety and security— for both vehicles and pedestrians alike. It also enhances safe vehicle passage inside and outside parking facilities.

    Adequate lighting in walkways, stairwells and elevators enhances security, while reducing customer complaints and safety concerns. Increased illumination also allows security cameras to get better images, while motion control lighting technology boosts security. Overall, better lighting can create a more pleasing visual environment, improve peoples' perception of parking facilities, increase customer safety and satisfaction and optimize potential site use. Pozeen designs lighting to meet your needs.

    Maximizing energy efficiency

    Pozeen sustainable lighting solutions can capture significant energy savings, resulting in reduced overall associated costs— all while providing the highest quality illumination. Enclosed lighting fixtures can help mitigate energy lost due to cold weather. Replacing traditional lighting systems in parking facilities with Pozeen LED products can reduce lighting costs by 50 to 80 percent.

    Durable LED lighting solutions

    Parking facility lighting must be able to withstand all types of environmental conditions. Pozeen LED products provide durable, reliable, all weather performance that can endure cold, wet, harsh environments. They are easy to install and easy to maintain, reducing cost associated with day-to-day maintenance. The typical 50,000 hour LED fixture life ensures superior performance and improved lighting quality.


    Cost savings though effective day lighting and dimming

    All Pozeen LED lighting products are optional with dimming and motion control lighting technologies. The dimming technology can change the lighting intensity through the day; the motion sensor will detect vehicles and pedestrians and light the LED fixture up while they are passing by. Enhanced with these technologies, Pozeen would further reduce lighting costs by 20 to 40 percent in parking facilities.

    Liability & insurance requirements

    All Pozeen LED lighting products are designed for at least 50,000 hours life time, and backed up with 5 years worry free warranty. Our LED products are UL and cUL listed and conform to local codes. Also our LED products are DLC listed and utility rebate qualified.

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