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  • Lighting doesn't just illuminate the office. It can change the way we feel, influence people's energy levels and performance and enhance our sense of well-being. Pozeen's lighting solutions give the green light to a healthier, happier workplace. You can add your own style, adjust ambience, increase productivity and enhance life in the office with the power of light.
  • Feel welcome at Reception Area

    From the moment clients walk into your reception you can create appeal with attractive, dynamic lighting that will enhance their expectations. From dramatic, vibrant schemes that reflect your corporate colors to soft ambience designed to soothe the senses, we have the right solution for every style of office.

    With a combination of our dynamic lighting solutions and intuitive controls you can create a fluid ambience that reacts to natural light levels. Colorful accents can guide visitors to the reception desk or make seating areas more inviting. Add to that intelligent controls and you can enjoy welcome savings too.

    Feel sure at Corridors and Circulation

    Corridors are the vital network inside your offices that guide people around the building. They can also work as functional spaces, displaying information or artwork to enhance your company image. But if the lighting remains on when no one is around, you could be wasting energy for much of the day. And when lighting accounts for 40% of all electricity use in office buildings, that's a lot of energy to waste.

    Our sustainable lighting solutions are a highly-efficient way to keep corridors safe and well lit whenever they're needed.

    Feel comfortable at Open Office Areas

    As our ways of working become more intuitive, so should our office space. Good lighting that's tailored to individual tasks helps staff to work more effectively during the day.

    Our solutions shine with impressive visual comfort, glare control and color consistency, to create the most comfortable office ambience. And when people feel better, they work better too.

    Feel connected at Private Offices

    Private offices and internal spaces require lighting more often to create the same bright ambience as rooms that are flooded with natural light. But that doesn't mean the solution has to look harsh or artificial. Some of the most inspirational luminaire designs provide light with the highest levels of visual comfort. They also offer the possibility of dimming for even more calming ambiences.

    And it needn't cost the earth because more lighting doesn't have to mean more wasted energy. With clever controls to switch lights off when no one ' s around, you can still save on energy bills without cutting corners on office ambience. Suddenly lighting internal cell offices looks far more attractive.

    Feel inspired at Meeting Areas

    No two meetings are ever the same, so it's vital that the lighting in your meeting room is designed for maximum flexibility and visual comfort. A high output with no glare works best for collaborative sessions that need to stay productive. Informal presentations are best delivered in a softer ambience that relaxes and calms.

    Our lighting solutions are designed to bring every meeting to life. Our next generation LEDs can create a crisp, sparkling and warm white light that will energize the whole room. And we also have brilliant ways to use color changing effects for accents and alcoves, so you can tune the lighting to suit the mood. By using our Pozeen AnyKolor control system, all of this can be steered simply.

    Feel recognized at Façade
    Attractive lighting and signage is a powerful way to convey your corporate image. You can express your unique identity with white lights, dynamic ambiences or subtle color effects. Whatever it takes to create the most impact and make a real statement in your environment.

    Our AnyKolor solutions allow you to paint dynamic and scene setting effects with light. Dimming solutions can be used to tone down the look for softer ambiences. With our special lighting controls you can use light in the most sustainable way, reducing energy consumption and light spillage, improving your company’s corporate and green credentials.

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