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  • Industrial buildings, like all workplaces, require well-planned lighting systems to support various activities. Appropriate quantities of light are essential, but quality issues are just as important in providing a comfortable and safe working atmosphere. When the lighting meets both quantity and quality needs, it adds measurably to worker performance and productivity.
  • Goals of Industrial Lighting

    • Provide energy effective lighting for spaces designed for light manufacturing and assembly tasks which require average light levels.

    • Industrial tasks require higher light levels, such as cleanrooms or assembly of fine materials.

    The quality chart below shows important criteria and their relevance to typical industrial tasks. Meanwhile fixture and lamp types, control strategies identified and sample lighting layouts shall be considered. Safety concerns are discussed and economic and
    quality issues are weighed to assist in planning energy effective and reliable lighting systems that promote optimal productivity and a safe place to work.

    Quality lighting contributes to the comfort and productivity of warehouse and manufacturing personnel. It also contributes to their safety, especially around moving machinery. Glare control, balanced brightness ratios and reduced lamp flicker or strobe effect must be taken into account to ensure safety and security in the work space.

    Brightness, Contrast and Reflectance

    The ability to see detail is dependent on good contrast. When the task blends with the background it is difficult to see. If contrast is too great people may experience adaptation discomfort when looking from bright surfaces to very dark surfaces. People are most comfortable when the visual environment is relatively uniform. The following ratios are recommended by the IESNA for areas where reflectance of the work area can be controlled, and where control of the remote surroundings is limited.

    Lamp Color Matters

    Outdated fluorescent and HID lamps such as cool white and mercury are inferior at coloring rendering and are associated with noisy ballasts that often produced flicker in fluorescent lamps. Pozeen's LED highbay is good to provide high color rendering sources, and if used consistently, will allow people to see color accurately and work in a comfortable and safe environment.

    Glare Control

    When the brightness ratios exceed maximum recommended values, disturbing or debilitating glare can result. To minimize glare-producing conditions, consider the following:
    • Use more lower wattage fixtures to reduce individual lamp brightness while maintaining required light levels. Pozeen's LED highbay helps control glare but produces equivalent lumen output as metal halide.
    • Locate control panels and computer screens facing away from windows or bright light fixtures. If these elements are fixed, adjust the lighting fixture locations and shade the windows.
    • Raise bright fixtures above normal field of view.
    • Direct some light toward the ceiling to balance space brightness ratios and reduce contrast between the ceiling and fixtures.

    Seeing and Productivity
    Ability to see well is based on several conditions including the age of the worker. A 40-year-old person generally requires twice as much light to perform a task as a 20-year-old.
    The size of the task and the amount of time available to see it, dramatically affects the need for
    light. For example, small font text, moving rapidly past a reader and out of sight, needs a significant amount of light for comprehension. Large, stationary objects are easier to see in lower light levels.

    Flicker and Strobe Effect
    Fluorescent lamps using magnetic ballasts, pulse at 60 cycles per second and cause a perceptible flicker. This effect may be irritating to some people, and can be eliminated using electronic high frequency ballasts.
    HID ballast cycles can create a stroboscopic effect, and can cause a potentially dangerous condition where rotating machinery appears to be not moving.
    Pozeen LED solution features no flicker or strobe effect, thus improves the productivity of workers.

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