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  • Hospitality
  • Lighting energizes us, makes us comfortable and allows us to enjoy interacting with others. Pozeen provides flexible lighting solutions that empower guests in hotels, restaurants and casinos to personalize their spaces, adjust environments according to moods or activities and create a unique experience at the touch of a button. Whether they’re working, reading or relaxing, we can help your guests feel like they have a home away from home. We can help you make the switch to LED easier than you could possibly imagine, enhancing life in your hotel, bar or restaurant with the power of light.
  • •  First Impressions

    It is vitally important to make your hotel stand out; it should be distinctive and give guests a memorable experience so they come back and recommend it to other people. When guests first set foot in a hotel they briefly have a look around. Good lighting helps to make their first impression positive - focusing their attention on the reception desk and interesting objects around the hotel entrance to make them feel welcome. The lighting also operates as a virtual but silent hotel guide. Make your guests feel guided in the right directions and along corridors to their rooms, lifts, bars or restaurants.

    Lighting plays an important role in personalizing guest experiences. Each guest is different and wants a customized experience during his/her stay. Business or leisure, luxury or functional - guests want to be able to personalize the atmosphere and control lighting to suit their individual needs in their hotel room.

    •  Energy Saving

    The hospitality industry is one of the sectors with the largest energy savings potential. Laundry, air conditioning, 24/7 operations - all add to a high CO2 footprint. Lighting is one of the most impactful ways to cut costs; 42% of energy usage comes from lighting, of which 70% is inefficient. We have developed a full range of lighting solutions that will help you save costs and improve your bottom line without compromising on the quality of light.

    •  Meaningful Solutions

    At Pozeen, with our meaningful lighting solutions we contribute to provide your guests with the ultimate ambient hospitality experience.

    LED technology holds tremendous potential to conserve energy on a global scale. Our LED lamps and luminaires set new standards in watts consumed per square meter, especially combined with our lighting controls. LEDs also eliminate the need for hazardous substances and because they are designed to last up to three times longer, they create even more savings in terms of maintenance.

    Due to their low heat output the building needs less cooling, which adds up to your savings. It can be integrated into a new build or easily retrofitted. Systems that utilize LED sources are smart in other ways too: longer lifetimes, fewer replacements, less waste - and they're free from harmful mercury.

    Our hospitality products can add value in many different ways throughout your hotel, in guest rooms and public areas, indoors and outdoors.

    Feel Welcome at Reception and Lobbies

    First impressions count. Here is the perfect opportunity to create a great first impression with a welcoming ambience, fused with a hint of excitement and professionalism, at the entrance to your hotel. Lighting can enhance this dynamic and often busy area where people come together, get information and interact. As the day evolves into evening and night, lighting creates the right atmosphere for the changing needs and expectations of your guests.

    The best lighting effects in a reception or lobby can be achieved by using LED lamps, LED luminaires and the right controls. This is demonstrated beautifully at the Marriott Hotel, using controls to create exactly the right ambience for welcoming guests.

    By setting the scene in this way, lighting creates an inviting and hospitable environment that also helps with orientation and guidance. A simple and effective way to distinguish between active areas and meeting points and those spaces designed for relaxation. What’s more, a beautifully lit reception can also attract the attention of people passing by who could potentially be looking for somewhere to stay.

    Feel on Track at Corridors and other Areas of Transition

    A friendly guide throughout transition areas, lighting can help you to create a bright atmosphere in building spaces with little or no natural daylight. Lighting solutions in ceilings and walls will guide your guests to their rooms and promote a feeling of safety for people finding emergency exits or staircases. Energy efficient and sustainable lighting, including smart controls, are key enablers for a green and cost-effective solution in any environment that must be operational 24/7.

    Some guests find long corridors disorientating and claustrophobic. Lighting reverses this effect, brightening walls and ceilings and illuminating pictures and works of art to break up the monotony. Glare-free lighting with the right shadow effects can make stairwells feel safer too – and reduce the chance of any accidents happening.

    In corridors, occupancy control is really important. Solutions like PIR sensor works with any luminaire or lamp to switch lights off when no one is around. A great way to save up to 30% in energy use without compromising the comfort of guests during their stay.

    Feel Comfortable Guest Rooms and Suites

    Personal comfort and ambience should always be your top priorities. Guests have their own individual needs and expectations of what their hotel stay will be like. Whether they’re business travellers, city hoppers or guests who want relaxation and pleasure, your hotel rooms should always offer them maximum comfort. Functional lighting during the day will also enable cleaning staff to do their job effectively. Lighting sets the atmosphere for individual moods and needs, while still being flexible - whatever the time of day.

    Innovations in LED lighting have happened so quickly that the quality is now first class.

    Choosing warm colours can also help to reflect the subtle nuances and light sources of your hotel. Not only do our solutions provide the perfect ambience for each guest activity, a consistent user interface means that controlling ambient functions is completely effortless too.

    By replacing light sources with LED, you can also expect to reduce lighting energy use over
    a long lifetime of up to 45,000 hours, reducing maintenance and operating costs. And because LED lighting generates little heat, you can expect to spend less on air-conditioning
    too. So you can enjoy more energy savings without compromising the guest experience.

    Feel Connected at Bars, Restaurants and Lounges

    Your hotel is a place where people meet, unwind, socialise and simply enjoy the experience. By creating the right ambience you can cater for different needs throughout the day as well as special occasions. Make the atmosphere professional and refreshing during the day, more intimate and laid back during the evening. Create an air of tranquillity at night or make the lighting exciting and dynamic for parties. Lighting sets the mood that enhances the guest experience.

    With smart placement and optimised LED controls, your lighting can be adapted to serve any purpose, creating the perfect ambience for lunch, dinner or drinks. By integrating LED into existing surfaces and structures you can light any desired atmosphere for your guests - unique experiences, lasting memories and warm intimacy. All by using dynamic scenes to
    create vivid atmospheres or shades of white light to suit the tone of the occasion.

    There are practical things to consider too. Guests need enough light to read menus and see drinks behind the bar. Focal points such as buffets need highlighting to attract guests. And good colour rendering is essential wherever you serve food, helping to tempt guests and make everything look far more appetising.

    Feel Productive at Conference and Meeting Areas

    Functional and effective lighting is essential if people are to use their time as productively
    as possible. During the day, highly energy efficient light sources and luminaires can offer
    the best illumination at the lowest cost. At night, they can transform your meeting or conference room into a spectacular gala or dancing hall. When lighting adapts so beautifully
    to any occasion or activity, it’s an even a bigger selling point for your hotel facilities.

    Lighting has a profound effect on the way people feel. Tailor it to create the perfect ambience for the task at hand and you can make your conference or meeting room a far more effective space, enhancing well-being, creating excitement or providing an air of quiet calm.

    Our innovative solutions take LED lighting to new levels of sophistication. Not only do they allow you to connect or disconnect rooms automatically, they also integrate perfectly with audio-visual equipment. The clever features bring out the best in your facilities setting the right atmosphere for meeting, presentations and creative activities. They even enhance the appearance of your meeting rooms with user panels in a range of stylish designs and finishes.

    Feel Recognised at Outdoor Areas

    Turn your hotel into a landmark that people will remember and recognise. Your façade is your most potent calling card. Make it distinctive and eye catching and you could even generate significant amounts of extra revenue. Express your hotel’s unique identity with white lights, dynamic ambiences or subtle colour settings. Whatever it takes to create the most impact and make a real statement in your environment.

    New technologies allow you to paint dynamic and scene settings effects with light. Dimming solutions can be used for softer ambiences and changing programmes adapt the light to suit different occasions or communicate seasonal messages. With our special lighting controls you can use light in the most sustainable way, reducing energy consumption and light spillage at the same time as improving your hotel’s credentials.

    At night, outdoor lighting schemes help guests to adapt from brightly illuminated areas to the dark conditions outside. Not only do they provide guidance and reassurance, they also create an enchanting spectacle for your guests to enjoy from their hotel rooms. Lighting can also transform your gardens and terraces into magical spaces for guests to enjoy after dark – all without producing light spillage that may disturb their sleep at night.

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