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  • Education
  • Pozeen offers various LED light and light control solutions for schools and universities that can optimize the learning environment and reduce lighting energy consumption up to 60% or more.
  • K-12 Schools

    There is no doubt that students learn best in a comfortable and stable environment. It has only recently been discovered, however, that lighting can play a significant role in creating these conditions.

    The correct lighting is essential for the needs of the modern classroom. With the prevalence of technologies like video and computer presentations, it is becoming essential for classrooms to have situation-specific lighting that will allow students to view a projected image while at the same time giving them enough light to take notes.

    Colleges & Universities

    Along with the traditional challenges of lighting a classroom, colleges and universities add another layer of complexity: size.

    Pozeen offers a complete range of energy saving lighting solutions, from LED tubes, troffers, downlights to control solutions. We can easily accommodate this scope without sacrificing convenience, control, or efficiency.

    It is a simple switch!

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