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    Pozeen is committed to developing emerging solid-state technology that offers greater longevity and environmental viability than traditional lighting sources, while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. With an emphasis on providing LED products of the highest quality, Pozeen offers the capability to perform certain testing procedures.

    High Temperature Burn-In Oven

    Burn-in is an electrical stress test that employs voltage and temperature to accelerate the electrical failure of a device. Burn-in essentially simulates the operating life of the device, since the electrical excitation applied during burn-in may mirror the worst-case bias that the device will be subject to in the course of its useable life .

    Thermal Shock Test Chamber

    Thermal shock chambers make it possible to automatically and repeatedly transfer a test item from a hot environment to a cold environment or from a cold environment to a hot environment. This process is defined as true thermal shock and it is different from thermal cycling, where the specimen is introduced into the chamber and the chamber temperature is then cycled. A true thermal shock chamber can achieve a 265 degree Celsius (°C) temperature variation rapidly, while thermal cycling may take hours to ramp up or down.

    Temperature/Humidity Cycle Tester

    The temperature/humidity chamber provides a controlled environment for temperature and humidity cycling tests. These tests ensure that product will survive environmental conditions expected during storage, shipping and operational periods.

    Freezer Chamber

    The freezer chamber imitates various temperature environments for products, and tests the reaction of material to temperature. The freeze-thaw cycles are intended to place reasonable stresses on the product as it may encounter in the field. It is also intended that the freezer take place from the top down as might be seen in the field.

    Accelerated Reliability Test Chamber

    Accelerated reliability testing, or accelerated stress testing (AST), subjects a product to a series to overstresses, effectively forcing product weak links to emerge by accelerating fatigue. Unlike traditional single axis vibration test methods or thermal only methods, an AST program requires specialized equipment to render the required stresses in the combined environment necessary to driver out latent failure modes. AST reveals product failure models in a matter of hours or days, as compared to traditional test methods that can take weeks or even months to find, if at all.

    Waterproof Chamber Test

    This machine is used to test anti-rain and waterproof performance of products.

    Dust Proof Test Chamber

    This dust chamber is used to qualify products on their capabilities for resistance to dust.

    Vibration Test

    Vibration testing is the chaking of a product to determine its ability to survive in real world conditions. Vibation testing can be performed to simulate transportation, storage, and operating environments.

    Drop Test

    The intent of the drop test is to determine if poor treatment of the carton during shipping will result in damaged product.

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