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    Pozeen is uniquely positioned to be your vertically integrated manufacturing partner.


    * Plastic Injection: 63T-1800T

    * Extrusion Blow Mold

    * State-of-the-Art Paint Line

    * Cable Twist & Extrusion

    * CNC Millers: up to 1m x 1.4m

    * CNC EDM

    * Steel and Aluminum Cutters

    * Steel and Aluminum Benders

    * Steel and Aluminum Stamping: 15T-100T

    * Tooling Assembly Press Machine

    * Aluminum Die-Cast: 180T-1600T


    * Aluminum: Injection Die-Cast, Gravity/Permanent Molding, Sand-Cast

    * Plastic: Injection Molding, Extrusion Blow Molds, Injection Blow Molds, Plastic Extrusion, Vacuum Forming, Rotational Molding, Polyester Glass Reinforced/Fiberglass

    *Glass: Press Borosilicate, Press Soda-Lime, Flat & SAG Tempered, Silkscreen, Acid & Vacuum Metalizing Finishes

    * Hydrofoam Stamping: Aluminum; Steel; Stainless Steel; Segmented Reflectors (Analoid Products Available); Cylinders, Shoeboxes, Elliptical; Hard Tooling & CNC Stamping

    * Aluminum Poles: Round Straight Poles, Round Fluted Straight Poles, Muffle Poles, Base Plates & Covers, Pole Accesories & J-Bolts

    *Steel Poles: Square Poles, Round Tape Poles, Straight Poles, Muffler Poles, Pole Accessories, J-Bolts

    *Finishes: Polyester Powder Paint, Wet Paint, Galvanization, Anodizing, Chrometion, Aluminum Vacuum Metalized, Plating

    Contact Us

    E-mail: sales@pozeen.com
    Phone: +86-573-8209 5569

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